Amanda Shumow Interview With Daily Mail

Amanda Shumow Interview With Daily Mail

Check out this recent interview with MGS owner Amanda for Daily Mail. The article was on the swim brands most loved by celebs, seen all over Instagram! Read what Amanda had to say!


Instagram Handle: @marygraceswim

Owner: Amanda Shumow

Celebrity Clientele Includes: Bella Hadid, Hailey Baldwin, Delilah Hamlin

What swim trends do you think will be most popular on Instagram this summer?

Think 'less is more' when it comes to the 2017 summer swimwear lineup.  Modern cuts, neutral colors, and textured fabrics are so hot, and will be taking over Instagram this summer.

What Instagram accounts do you follow for inspiration? 

I would say our #mgsbabes is our biggest source of inspo, but the accounts I can't miss include @filthymouthcreative, @motelrocks, @mikemillerphoto, @clint, @brooklynhawaii and @france.and.jesse. The mamas that inspire me most business wise are @jenspiratebooty, @frankiesbikinis, @flynnskye, @lovelybird_ and @themdejoria , These women are #goals in terms of their success in both business and family.

What do you need to take the perfect beach snap?

Location is the most important part to getting that perfect snap. After that, its just about capturing a great moment in time. Shots that you look back that make you smile are the ones that are worth posting.

Favorite beach/pool to take photos at? 

The Surfjack in Honolulu is my new fave! The entire hotel is sick, but the pool is amazing. I also love any beach in Oahu.

Filter or no filter? 

For my own personal use, I use as many filters as I can haha! For our website and Instagram models, no filters are necessary.  

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